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Master-E-Session Your Entrepreneurial Ladder to Success

  • 26 Oct 2018
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Webinar

Your Entrepreneurial Ladder to Success

One-size-fits-all entrepreneurial advice doesn’t work in an industry like ours, with many different pathways — entrepreneurial ladders — to take you to the top. Understanding your unique pathway and the business-building activities that will accelerate your climb is key to your entrepreneurial success.

Which is YOUR entrepreneurial ladder:

  • Brand Ladder– Are you aleopardwith distinct spots and markings that instantly differentiate you from your competitors, win recognition, and attract clients?
  • Visibility Ladder– Are you apeacockwho attracts all the right attention to yourself and your business through books, media mentions, speaking engagements, and other visibility-building tactics?
  • Multi-Pronged Ladder– Are you anoctopuswho can handle multiple businesses, products, and services to cater to a large and diverse clientele?
  • Visionary Ladder– Are you agiraffewho can see above and beyond your colleagues, an early adopter who recognizes and easily acclimates to the next big thing?
  • Slow & Steady Ladder– Are you atortoisewho moves forward thoughtfully, consistently, and steadily, providing reliable – and often high-priced – services without a lot of deviation?
  • Hop, Skip & Jump Ladder– Are you amonkey, very adept at leaping from one branch of your business to the next, from one entrepreneurial type to another?

In this 90-minute webinar, Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark will …

  • Help you to determine YOUR ladder(s) so you can continue to move onward and upward.
  • Identify the core talents, characteristics, traits, skills, and experience of each ladder.
  • Introduce diverse pricing and profit-building strategies and structures and help you identify which are the best fit with your business vision and targeted clientele.
  • Teach critical lessons for building, managing, retaining, and leveraging your client relationships to the advantage of both you and your clients.
  • Help you identify opportunities to expand your revenues with new services and product offerings – no matter which ladder you’re on.

The webinar will end with a full Q&A session so you can get answers to some of your most challenging business issues.

If you don’t know Wendy and Louise, they were the founders and previous executive directors of Career Thought Leaders and the Resume Writing Academy. Each has been in private practice for 30+ years and together have written 20+ books. Their greatest joy, however, is helping their colleagues succeed in our unique world of work, so join them for this value-packed session!

Don’t miss it! Master-E-Sessions are easy to attend–live or recorded:

LIVE WEBCAST: Friday, October 26, 2018, 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm US Eastern time

RECORDING: Webinar (audio and video) recordingview any time you want and as often as you want

REGISTRATION: $45 – CTL Associates; $55 – General Registration (includes webcast, all samples and handouts, and recording)

CTL Associates log in for your discount price. Not an Associate? Join today for a $399 lifetime fee.

The session will be recorded and all registrants will receive access to the materials, live session, and recording.

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