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Hi, I’m Marie Zimenoff, CEO of RWA...

I’m a passionate advocate for career industry professionals and a decades-long practicing career coach myself.

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Resume & Profile Master-e-Sessions

HOW TO WRITE STAND-OUT Sales, Marketing & Business Development RESUMES & PROFILES

Presented by Wendy Enelow & Marie Zimenoff

Writing sales, marketing, and business development resumes are some of the best and most fun resumes to write. Why? Because these individuals almost always have quantifiable achievements, measurable performance highlights, and other metrics that give their resumes immediate impact and a lasting impression.

Surprisingly, these are also often the clients that tell you they were “just doing their jobs” and there’s nothing really special about their careers. Your challenge becomes helping them to identify the story behind their successes by asking the right questions, digging deep to uncover context around accomplishments, and reminding them that standing out is all about showcasing “who” they are, “what” they do, and, most importantly, “how” well they do it.

In this totally new, 2-hour Master-E-Session, you’ll learn how to write, format, and design resumes for sales, marketing, and business development professionals at all levels. You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the clear distinctions between sales, marketing, and business development, and the unique responsibilities of each. Although these terms are sometimes used interchangeably they are, in fact, very distinct job functions.
  • Craft unique and compelling branding statements that instantly differentiate your clients.
  • Uncover each client’s unique achievements – both measurable and not – and learn how to communicate success when financial information is confidential.
  • Write high-impact text to communicate each client’s areas and levels of responsibility, client relationships, organizational accountability, and so much more beyond “just” their achievements.
  • Tackle unique problem scenarios, challenges, and opportunities for clients in each of these 3 professions.
  • Use best-in-class formatting methods to integrate charts, tables, and other graphics (when appropriate) to showcase each client’s track record of achievement and to give your resumes unique visual distinction.
  • Source the right keywords for each client based on that individual’s areas of expertise and targeted positions and industries.
  • Write LinkedIn profiles that complement client resumes and do not repeat them.
  • Create resumes for both human and electronic readers (ATS).

Here's a listing of what you'll receive in your portfolio of handouts for the program:

  • Sample resumes and LinkedIn profiles for sales, marketing, and business development, from individual producers to top executives.
  • Keywords lists for all 3 professions.
  • Representative job titles for all 3 professions.
  • Resources – books, articles, blogs, social media sites, and more – to learn more about these professions and, in turn, enhance your writing capabilities and confidence.


RECORDING: Webinar recording - listen/watch any time you want and as often as you want

RESOURCES: 40+ pages of samples, keywords, questions to ask, and more

Session qualifies for 2 CEUs.

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Wendy Enelow

I am a lifelong Resume Writer, Career Coach, Author, Trainer, and Mentor who has been fortunate enough to follow my entrepreneurial dreams throughout my entire 30+-year career in careers. I'm most proud of:

* 2010 CAREER INDUSTRY MENTOR AWARD from the Career Management Alliance for my years of service to the careers industry, my career colleagues, and job seekers worldwide.

* MAJOR MEDIA COVERAGE in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and scores of online and offline publications.

* GUIDING 1000's of EXECUTIVE JOB SEEKERS through career transition, using my expertise in resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profiles, executive job search, and career coaching.

* WRITING 25+ BOOKS on entrepreneurship, resumes, letters, keywords, interviewing, and more. Publications are available at, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other major booksellers.

* WRITING 100's of PRINT AND ONLINE ARTICLES for,,, and scores of other publications. Careers Columnist for the American Legion Magazine for the past 7 years. Recent articles and quotes in MONEY Magazine, Association for Training & Development Magazine, Business Insider, and many others.

* SPEAKING AT CONFERENCES AND TRAINING PROGRAMS NATIONWIDE for Career Thought Leaders (CTL), Career Masters Institute (CMI), National Career Development Association (NCDA), National Employment Counseling Association (NECA), International Career Development Conference (ICDC), Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW), LDS Employment, R.L. Stevens & Associates, US Army, US Navy, and many others.


* EARNING MY OWN PAYCHECK SINCE THE AGE OF 22. I am most definitely a lifelong entrepreneur!

Marie Zimenoff

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Leader. I never imagined holding these roles; my natural analytical tendencies didn’t lend to risk taking. Belief in the power of proactive career management overruled my introversion, driving me out of my comfort zone to build and lead a business.

As CEO of Career Thought Leaders and Resume Writing Academy, I merge vision and best practice to elevate the careers industry worldwide.

Career professionals transform lives and my mission is to support them in impacting the careers of others.

My training as a career counselor gave me insight into the complexity of career transformation and the struggle of fitting passions and skills together. My experience witnessing thousands of transformations as a resume writer, trainer, and career/leadership coach fuels the work I do every day.

I equip career services providers with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed, convening a think tank of industry leaders to share “the now, the new, and the next” in careers with 10,000+ colleagues worldwide.

I champion the world’s premier resume training organization to provide leading-edge programs, content, and resources. We elevate writers’ skills to world-class standards through the Academy Certified Resume Writer and Profile Writer programs and Resume & Profile Writing E-Summits.

Visit and to learn how we're changing the career success story at a time.


3115 East Lion Lane, Suite 160
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
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