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The Power of Verbs

09 Feb 2021 1:31 PM | Deleted user

Verbs give us power – power to write documents that are well-positioned and that communicate a vast amount of information with just the use of a simple verb or two. Our colleague, Louise Kursmark, recently coined the phrase, “key verb,” an excellent description of how these verbs can be used to your advantage when writing resumes, cover letters, branding statements, leadership profiles and other job-search communications. Now, let’s explore the use and meaning of some of my favorite verbs.

Accelerated the rate at which Kodak brought new products to market by redesigning the entire product development and engineering process, eliminating roadblocks, and streamlining documentation requirements. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you sped up the rate at which a certain activity or process happened and, in turn, you delivered positive results.)

Architected the business plan, strategy, mission, vision, and organizational design for a new offshore financial services firm targeting private equity investors worldwide. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you created, designed, developed, and built all of the “pieces” for a new company, division, market, or other entity.)

Catapulted the AT-101 Therapeutic Massage Device to #1 market share in the nation following a coast-to-coast media and advertising campaign. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you launched a product, service, technology, or company to the very forefront of the market/industry.)

Championed development of a new cosmetics line targeted to the affluent Hispanic market and delivered $2.8 million in first year sales. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you were the driving force behind an idea, a product, a technology, a service, or any one of a number of other “inventions.”)

Dominated the East Coast market and eliminated the competition following introduction of a fully integrated home security system for less than $1000. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you obliterated the competition and ruled the “universe.”)

Honored with the 2006 “Sales Manager of the Year” award from Dow Chemical among a group of 300+ eligible sales management professionals companywide. (Meaning: Communicates the message that YOU were chosen for special recognition because you excelled at your job, a special project, revenue growth, or any one of a number of other achievements.)

Imagined the possibilities for Dow to expand into emerging African markets, authored business plan, staffed new organization, and transitioned from concept into full-scale operation. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you conceived something new and revolutionary that brought about positive change and results.)

Leveraged relationships with key accounts to facilitate RDL’s successful launch of dedicated logistics services, increasing annual sales by better than 22% within one year. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you favorably “exploited” existing relationships, partnerships, and activities to support, strengthen, or expand other business operations.)

Orchestrated the start-up, funding, development, and market launch of a new technology venture to capture emerging opportunities in e-commerce and other e-based revenue streams. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you put together numerous different components to create a complete whole.)

Pioneered initial concept that led to development of new technology to distribute electrical services nationwide. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you conceived, conceptualized, or created some new and revolutionary.)

Revitalized dormant market, introduced new sales call program targeting key accounts, and increased regional sales revenues 31% within 12 months. (Meaning: Communicates the message that you re-energized and brought something back to life.)

The next time you’re writing and you use a great new verb, word, or phrase, please be sure to pass it along to me. Let’s share our words and see if we can’t help each other all become better, more skilled and more powerful writers.

See the list of 400+ verbs on the Free Resources page.


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