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Implicit Bias in Resumes

10 Feb 2021 1:26 PM | Anonymous
Academic research has shown recruiters read resumes in a systematic pattern, taking 6.25 seconds to make a yes/no decision. Add implicit recruiter bias to the vetting process, and it’s shocking any resume advances to candidate status.

Listen in as Dr. Cheryl Minnick reviews data around implicit name, gender, age and motherhood bias and how bias manifests in resume review. You will also learn ways candidates are beating bias, and what WE can do to diminish implicit bias in resume review. View the recording of the webinar below.

Please note that although we talk about strategies for avoiding bias, we recommend taking a coaching approach with these conversations. Consider asking clients about potential biases in resume review and if they have thought about addressing them.

For instance, we can share the data around the "whitening of resumes" and then ask if they've heard about this and what their thoughts are around that type of strategy. Honor their heritage, approaching the discussion as a discovery around the data and their choices in handling it rather than outright suggestions of strategy.

We're currently in the process of gathering the strategies that professional resume writers and career coaches have used with clients and would welcome your input! Please email it to Marie at and we'll share it in a summary here.


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