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5 Reminders to Write Effective Job Descriptors for Your Job-Winning Resume

09 Feb 2021 2:31 PM | Anonymous

By Debra Ann Matthews

Think like an applicant tracking system and provide the key skills and key achievements as you detail how you made a difference in each of your jobs. Keep in mind that for most jobs advertised, all resumes will be scanned through a tracking system. Then if your resume is selected to go to the next phase, an actual hiring official will view your resume.

They will be looking to understand how have you made a difference in your jobs. They will relate your past accomplishments to the company‚Äôs current problems and will seek the most experienced solution oriented team player to help complement their current team of problem solvers.  

Here are 5 reminders to help you to write effective job descriptors for your resume:

  • Provide an overall explanation of your major job duties. The most important accomplishments and most recent achievements should be listed here.

  • Detail the secondary duties and special assignments accomplished in your current job.

  • Detail any assignments that you may have picked up because no one else wanted to do it.

  • Explain any committees or community service that you have been a part of, making special note to include any teams that you collaborated with or any special projects that you led. If you helped provide a strategic answer to a systematic problem be sure to highlight it in your job descriptors.

  • Start all descriptors with an action word and include keywords that reflect the essential knowledge, skills and abilities required to do your job. Make certain that your thoughts flow smoothly and that the order of presentation of your job duties in each sentence reflects your competence, your passion and your leadership in your profession.


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