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3 Strategies for Executive Resumes

09 Feb 2021 3:02 PM | Deleted user

Stand-out executive resumes go beyond results to communicate the context, story, and unique combination of executive-level competencies that make an impact. This month’s resume expert, Marjorie Sussman, demonstrates how to write an executive resume that rises above the competition.

Build Personal Brand Through Facts, Not Adjectives

The days of summaries filled with adjectives and superlatives are gone. By using selected sound bites, an executive resume builds a cohesive brand based on facts and success stories.

Minimize Space on Non-Distinguishing Skills

While listing core competencies or areas of expertise is often desired by recruiters, these items will not differentiate one executive from another. Executive resumes limit the resume real estate these items consume, knowing that competencies will be demonstrated within their success stories.

Tell a Story … Succinctly, But with Intrigue

Most importantly, executive resumes go beyond listing results by adding the context and challenge that demonstrates the true impact the executive had on the organization. They use comparisons, before-and-after stories, market conditions, and other context to build intrigue, develop brand, and frame results.

Start by considering the challenges you faced in a new role. What were your metrics and how did you achieve them?

When appropriate, tell the story of your tenure at an organization before diving into the specifics.

Share the context. What was going on in the company during your tenure and how did that impact your actions and results?

View the complete sample here. By clicking below, you agree to never copy content or design of a resume … that goes against everything that makes a resume successful!


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